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It is becoming difficult to find talent and enjoy the benefits of Craftsmanship in cabinetry, woodworking and finish work these days.


With typical high production manufacturing and the skilled aging boomers moving out to pasture, true Craftsmanship skills are in short supply.  Luckily, so far, demand is not outstripping supply, however, the shallow depth of the talent pool is become a problem and will very likely continue to be an issue in the long run.


To solve these issues AJB General Contractor has developed a team of Skilled Craftsman to deliver the quality and consistency we require at a reasonable price to our customers.


Since, the recession forced many in this specialty trade out of business, we had to gain control so the answer was to convert warehouse space into a cabinetry and finish shop.  Alan Jeskey has a background in this type of craft and it us a natural progression to transform underutilized warehouse space into a viable solution.


Our stable of Craftsman provide outstanding quality and our project team better controls costs and delivery schedules.  The work is top-notch and absolutely beautiful.  The fit and finish, level of detail and quality control provides amazing finish and quality consistently.  Customers are raving about the look and feel of our projects.  Our customers are happy, our Craftsman are happy and we are happy.  Not a bad conclusion for a previously difficult trade.


The ability to design and build custom cabinetry and finish work is very satisfying and is having outstanding results.

At AJB General Contractors true Craftsmanship is alive, well and thriving.


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