Planning a Project – KEEP IT REAL

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Others expectations, pressures, and desires can cloud, taint and obscure the reality of project planning.  Once the seeds are planted, it can become increasingly complex and difficult to keep it REAL for Project Managers challenged with meeting the hopes and dreams of those that surround them.  The question is – Can it really be done?

Everyone likes to provide information to superiors, customers and peers that they would like to hear; however, providing disinformation, although meant with the best of intentions, always becomes grounded in cold hard reality.

“Not so easy when the static plan almost always become this dynamic living organism fraught with changes, challenges and continued adaptation.”

Project constraints, limitations and challenges are part of the routine; however, adding roll-over inspections (no-shows by building inspectors rolling over the scheduled inspection to the next day), slow or poor execution of subcontractor/vendors, and the toughest of them all; changes by the Owner that causes deviations from a well thought out plan and strategy make project planning seem all but impossible at times.

The reality – every project starts out in a static form with a logical progression like the numbers one through ten. Start with one and work your way to ten.  Right?  Not so easy when the static plan almost always become this dynamic living organism fraught with changes, challenges and continued adaptation.

The contorting and changing shape sometimes make the original plan of action look like an Amoeba that constantly changes shape.  Having the ability to take control, adapt, overcome and conquer project planning challenges is what the art of good Project Management and effective project planning is all about.  Taking charge and keeping all stakeholders informed is paramount even when the news is not always favorable.  The project team, collectively, can use the cooperative synergy of the group to help overcome project planning obstacles.  Good Project Managers take control, keep it honest and adapt to project planning challenges since almost all projects are dynamic in nature.

Good project planning and delivery is an art and science that when based in REALITY can be done well.  The quality of the team is everything, so when you consider the low bid; stop and take a look at the team you will be working with and ask – Is price the best gauge of a projects outcome?

Keep it real, make good decisions and great results await.


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  1. Hey Curtis,
    I pray all is well with you! Nice quick read.
    Mark Garland

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