Project Design Teams Saves

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Project design teams saves money, time and frustration by pooling expertise.  Evaluating project feasibility and utilizing the skill sets and knowledge base of the Contractors, Architects, Engineers and the Owner provide for improved outcomes.

A simplified design process consists of the following elements:

  • Owner Concept Identified
    • Define the scope and design criteria around the Owner concept
    • Architect to develop preliminary schematic/pricing plans
      • An abbreviated plan is created of the site, floor plan, demo plan and general levels of finish
      • The Owner then reviews the plans for approval.
        • Once the plans are approved a construction budget can then be provided based upon the design concept.
      • Next, construction documents are created to include full architectural, structural engineering plans, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and possibly site plans and civil engineering depending upon the project.
        • When construction documents are roughly 75% complete the General Contractor can provide a construction estimate.
        • Now it is time to submit for a building permit, as long as project costs align with funding parameters.

Save by including a General Contractor early in the process.

The contractors understanding of construction means and methods and expertise derived from constructing many, many projects is of great value.  This unique field experience allows for identification of less obvious conditions and impacts  that are not as recognizable to the non-builder.  The collective skill of the Architect, Contractor and Engineers provides for a better end product.   Quite often, an experienced Contractor can offer alternative ideas and concepts that  can reduce project duration and project costs without a reduction in quality.  Additionally, there are usually alternative methods and approaches, referred to as value engineering, that can be offered for consideration early in the design process that lead to improved end results.

 Early engagement of a General Contractor  improves results

Early involvement of a Contractor lead to more favorable results, less hassle, reduced project duration and reduce project costs.

In conclusion, bring the General Contractor to the table earlier rather than later – You will be glad you did!

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