Pay yourself first: OWN instead of RENT

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I have listened to some people passionately express satisfaction with paying monthly rent and gaining the related offset by using it as a business deduction.  An expense.  The ideas that expensing rent is somehow a way to reduce tax burden.  My opinion is simple – Hog Wash. Why would you give money away to someone else each month.  Consider this:  when you own, buy, or purchase there is an interest expense deduction, a depreciation deduction and the best news – you pay yourself each month.  The principal paid each month is a...

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8 Tips To Beat the Heat from a Local Guy

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Beat the Heat Everyone knows how difficult and miserable the heat of summer can make things.  From getting the yard work done, doing routine maintenance around the house, gardening, playing sports and for those that work out in the heat all day, the summer temperatures make life much different. As a life-long Vegas resident, construction guy and former roofer I know a few tricks to help beat the heat: Acclimate yourself to the heat.  Each year you need to do this and once your body gets use to it, life becomes much more bearable.  It is a...

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It’s Hot – Surviving Summer Heat

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Image from Las Vegas Summer Heat Most who live in Vegas came from somewhere else with harsher winters and more moderate summers.  As you know, in Vegas, the humidity is typically low and the summer time temperatures can be unbearable.  Temperatures seem to increase each year due to the heat island effect (concrete, asphalt and buildings retaining the day’s heat) and the drought conditions we have been experiencing. Here are some simple reminders to help stay safe this summer: Become acclimated gradually to the hot...

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Image by: Strive & Grind: The drive to become your own boss, own your own business and experience the independence of being a business owner motivates many young and energetic people to become entrepreneurs.  It can be very cool to experience all these things.   The reality is we all answer to someone.   As a business owner and boss it doesn’t take long to figure out that you always answer to your customers.  When things are done well and customers are happy being an independent business owner is...

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Conversation Works – Try It

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Several weeks ago I was sitting in an airport observing many hundreds of people and then the very obvious reality struck that people do not talk to each other. A casual hello may occur as another person would find a seat. “…the last thing we seem to do is talk.” The next step for almost everyone was to get out their smart phone and have a conversation with someone; anyone that is not in the present or anyone else not in the room at that moment in time. Instead the propensity is to seek to communicate with someone outside...

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Planning a Project – KEEP IT REAL

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Others expectations, pressures, and desires can cloud, taint and obscure the reality of project planning.  Once the seeds are planted, it can become increasingly complex and difficult to keep it REAL for Project Managers challenged with meeting the hopes and dreams of those that surround them.  The question is – Can it really be done? Everyone likes to provide information to superiors, customers and peers that they would like to hear; however, providing disinformation, although meant with the best of intentions, always becomes grounded...

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Inspect What you Expect – Do Not Assume

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In today’s fast paced workplace the intensity of everyone’s jobs seems to be increasing with new and increasing pressures, demands and greater levels of expectations.  Increased pace has the appearance of efficiency but when analyzed, after the fact, many times that efficiency is no more than a mental illusion and hopeful outcome.  Efficiency gains can be a great thing as long as the balance is maintained in such a way as to maintain an adequate level of quality. The cost-quality paradigm is, and always will be, a challenge given the...

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Tenant Improvement 101 Guide

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Almost every tenant of a commercial tenant space (TI) will need to make some changes or improvements for it to work for them. The extent of improvements will vary depending on whether the space was previously occupied, how old the existing improvements are and if the prior uses and the new contemplated uses are the same.  Previously unoccupied buildings may have bare concrete floors, no drop ceilings and no distribution of mechanical, electrical or plumbing systems and may require extensive improvements. Conversely, a previously occupied...

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Design-Build – What is it?

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Design-Build is a project delivery method in which the owner holds a single contract with the contractor (creating a single point of responsibility) for both the design and construction of a project. It is Owner driven and has been proven to reduce delivery time, costs, and change orders by providing for a cooperative relationship between the General Contractor, Design Professionals and Owner.  The art and science of taking a project from conception to completion is an intricate process requiring constant supervision and expert coordination...

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Tech – What a Ride it has been

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Today, to be competitive, everyone on an effective project team has to embrace change, new methods and give in to constant evolving technology. Why? Change or be left behind. Change and evolution are the operative words. “Brick and mortar is going the way of the mule.” It was’t long ago the fax machine was impressive. Then the beeper – oh my gosh what a wonderful tool that use to be. The Motorola radio was fantastic years ago. Then the cellular – as an in the car major installation, then the briefcase model and...

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