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The drive to become your own boss, own your own business and experience the independence of being a business owner motivates many young and energetic people to become entrepreneurs.  It can be very cool to experience all these things.


The reality is we all answer to someone.


As a business owner and boss it doesn’t take long to figure out that you always answer to your customers.  When things are done well and customers are happy being an independent business owner is enjoyable but when the inverse occurs it doesn’t take long to realize your business success depends on happy satisfied customers.  The reality for business owners are that customers are king, they rule the day and if their expectations are met your business will prosper.  If your business does it better than competitors your market share will increase.   Create unhappy customers and it won’t be long before you become an employee, working for the next entrepreneur looking to live the dream of being an independent business owner.  Here is a small list of key things I have used to help keep perspective regarding my/our customers:


  •  Gratitude and Kindness will take you far – treat others like you would like to be treated

  •  Recognize Responsibility – if you screw up admit it right away

  •  Follow Through – your word is your bond so keep your promises and keep your word

  •  Honesty is Crucial – Walk on the hot coals of accountability and you will earn respect

  •  Build Trust – for every bad experience it takes a dozen good experiences to make it up

  •  Communication is 2-Way – Listen and act on “reasonable requests”

  •  Customer Experience – this will make you or break you

  •  Respect your Customer – 58% of unhappy customers tell their friends

In our industry, the building and construction industry, about 90% of customers are reasonable, fair and honest people.  Focus on them.  The remaining 10% consume your time, energy and talent.  Stay the course, stay motivated and remind yourself of the other 90%.  Strive to convert the tough 10% by showing them outstanding customer service and do your “reasonable best” to satisfy expectations; otherwise, move on and find another good customer.

 Remember – If it was easy everyone would be a business person.

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