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General contractor works towards positive changes in our community…

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Las Vegas builder is approaching it’s 20th anniversary…
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Rising Star Alan Jeskey

Ask Alan Jeskey how his business is doing and he struggles to find the right superlative. Finally, he settles on “incredible.” Jeskey, president of AJB General Contractor, says his sales volume doubled in 2005, and without being willing to mention even a ballpark figure, he said, “we’re expecting to grow by about 30 percent (this year) and hopefully by only 20 percent” in 2007.

Jeskey, a 45-year-old native of Detroit, says he started his company out of his house 17 years ago. Back then, most of his work was residential. Today, AJB General Contractor puts together retail centers, restaurants, bars, office buildings, banks, credit unions and, lately, fast-foot outlets. He estimates that the company’s biggest project was the $4 million Hualapai Retail Center, which is nearing its final stage.

Business might be even better but for two obstacles standing in the way of more rapid development in the Las Vegas area: the lack of skilled workers in the construction field, especially at the management level, and the lengthy permit process he has to go through with the county.
Jeskey’s company employs about 30 people and they work out of modest offices in a heavily construction-oriented area in North Las Vegas. This “Rising Star in Business” said his biggest joy “is building relationships with customers so that they become more than customers.”

Keeping them happy can require putting in long hours on the job. Jeskey estimates that he is working 50 to 60 hours a week and is looking forward to the time when he can cut his on-the-job hours down to about 40.

CEO Curtis Cummings describes his partner as “a good ol’ boy. He keeps his promises. His reputation carries the day. Everybody likes Al Jeskey.”

–Lou Filardo