The Customers Plight

Posted by on Feb 19, 2014 in Blog

Every one of us are customers.  We seek out value, quality, fair and honest treatment and a positive buying experience that satisfies our expectations, regardless of the product or service.  Most buying experiences really go unnoticed until something out of the norm appears or until an emotional or high value purchase is contemplated.

Today’s customers are smarter and more demanding and for good reasons.  Over the years marketing and advertising has continued to refine approaches and messages to entice prospective customers into becoming buying customers.  The outcome has not always matched the marketing message.  It is akin to being poked in the ribs with a sharp stick each time the result does not match the message.  All that you wind up with is less money in your pocket, sore ribs and the frustration of being involved in a less than satisfying buying experience.  No one likes to be taken advantage of and no one cares to experience less than satisfying results.  No wonder the buying public is guarded and doubtful.

My parents were raised in the mid-west and instilled a very simple and pure message that has always served me well – Treat people like you would like to be treated.  A simple idea that has astounding impact on customers.

Customers are king; however, that does not give them free license to abuse, be mean spirited or disrespectful to the person on the other side of the counter.  I once had a business partner that used the position as a customer as an open invitation to abuse waitresses and others over the most trivial things.  It was a form of gamesmanship that had very unfavorable results for everyone.  I am happy to say this person is an ex-partner and I learned from him how not to behave.

The premise of fair value and mutual benefit is important to any satisfying transaction.  Whether one is buying a candy bar or a commercial building.  The customer experience is everything in today’s marketplace.  Keep customers happy and they will come back again and again.

At AJB General Contractors we are not always perfect but we always make things right.  Eighty percent of our customers are return customers.  That statistic tells our story.

How are you doing?

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