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AJB General Contractor has been in business for 25 years

We have built many thousands of projects in the Las Vegas area.  By successfully completing so many project over the years we have gained very unique experience.  We have learned a lot about customers, their expectations, desires, needs, fears and concerns.  Some of them are fickle and others are “Awesome”.  There are even predatory customers looking to skin anyone around them for personal gain and benefit but they are the minority by far; roughly 3 out of 100.  As for Awesome Customers – let me share one with you.

Awesome CreativeKids Pebble Road

CreativeKids Pebble Road

Creative Kids Learning Center

Carol is the founder and Owner of Creative Kids Learning Center and will soon open her 9th facility in the Southwest near Decatur and Blue Diamond.  She is extraordinary at what she does.

 She is passionate, driven, excitable, smart, intense and one amazing person.

 Her vision is clear and energy infectious; in a good way.

Carol is a hard charger, knows what she wants and intensely focused on achieving the vision.

Besides being a successful business women, Carol gives back to the community by being just as passionately involved with various charities and great community projects.  Specifically, the Las Vegas Natural History Museum.

The Natural History Museum is a sleeper, a diamond, a very interesting place that everyone should visit.

Working with Creative Kids Learning Center and Carol was very demanding on our staff but the take-away is –What an amazing, awesome and inspiring person to work with.  I feel fortunate to know this customer and excited for her and Creative Kids as they prepare to open a much needed child care facility in the Southwest Valley.

 My recommendation; check out the Natural History Museum  and be sure to check out Creative Kids Leaning Center.

CreativeKids Timelapse

CreativeKids Timelapse

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  1. I visited the amazing facility! I wish it existed when I was a kid! Best wishes to you and your team at the new facility, Creative Kids!


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